The Rig is a fully programmable Camera Move System. It has six axes of movement (Track, Crab, Jib, Pan, Tilt and Focus) giving the camera full 3-dimensional movement at ramped variable speeds (ranging from 1mm per min to 1 meter per second). It is ideal for rostrum work as well as complex, fully repeatable multi-pass motion control shots, with an accuracy higher than 0.25mm.

Typically the rig is used for advertising work, pack shots, tabletop sets, layered rostrum, title sequences and multi pass work. The Motion Control Rig is capable of supporting a wide range of video and film cameras: from Full size High-Definition, Digi-Beta, to, Time-lapse and Film cameras.
Based just north of London in Hertfordshire, my studio is easily accessible from central London. The Rig is also transportable and can be set up at other studios or location as required.
The Rig has been used on many broadcast and corporate productions including:

  • Horizon: Vitamins BBC2
  • Ancient Americans C4
  • Alien Empire BBC1
  • Bug World BBC1
  • Smallpox 2002: Silent Weapon BBC2
  • Neanderthal C4
  • Ancient Egyptians C4
  • Orange Mobile Phone Promo
  • Sketchers shoes

Rates are flexible, depending on budget, location and cameras. Typically £1500 per day for the rig lights and a Digi Beta Or HDX900. (Large-scale motion control rigs used in the feature film and advertising industry cost considerably more)


Periscope lens used with the rig. It can be set up as a straight borescope, or with a choice of a 45 or 90deg prism.

Motors independently used from the main rig for a tumbling shot. Both the turntable and the shoe move independently