BAR_0327I’ve enjoyed working on innovative documentaries, travel and sport programs for all the major broadcasting companies.

My experience in composition, lighting and sequence direction is apreciated by Directors and Producers. A relaxed and efficient style  helps foster a comfortable atmosphere with contributers and interviewees.

Documentary types

  • ScienceF5 outside
  • Technology
  • History
  • Natuaral History
  • Sports
  • Social

Recently I’ve been traveling the world, to over 50 different countries, shooting luxury travel and motor racing shows.

Specialist Filming and Photography

I worked and trained for several years with a production company that specialised in Natural History and Science Productions. This gave me a unique experience in many different areas of image capture including:

  • MicroscopyBAR_0354
  • Macro
  • Time-lapse
  • High-speed
  • Motion Control
  • Wildlife/ Long lens
  • Studio sets
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Infrared / Ultraviolet (UV)
  • Schlieren
  • Tank work
  • Endoscopy